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Looking for a wedding singer to add a special touch to your big day? Cheltenham DJs offer experienced wedding singers for hire across Gloucestershire and the UK. Our singers come with a rich repertoire suited for any wedding or party. They can perform a variety of music styles, from Jazz and Swing to Pop and Rock. Whether it's for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception, or evening party, our singers will create the perfect atmosphere with their stunning vocals. Our wedding singers are not just vocalists; many are also skilled musicians, able to play guitar or piano, adding an extra layer to their performances. They can perform classics, chart hits, and everything in between. With a range of genres and songs, they can tailor their sets to suit your event's style and your personal taste. Our singers are professional and versatile, equipped to entertain guests at different venues and events. Request your free quote today!

Emma Katherine

Emma, a skilled singer with a wide-ranging repertoire, specialises in acoustic music for events and weddings. Her versatile voice covers genres like pop, jazz, and musical theatre.


Trained in Musical Theatre, she provides a captivating performance, tailoring her songs to suit each occasion. Emma's services include a portable PA system, ensuring quality sound in any venue—her performances, whether centre-stage or background, always enhance the event's atmosphere.

Emma Katherine (1).jpeg

Laura Williams

Laura is an experienced singer known for her beautiful voice and professional approach, making her a great choice for events like weddings and parties. She offers solo acoustic performances that really touch the hearts of her audience. Along with singing well-known songs, Laura also writes and performs her own music, which you can find on her online EP.

She's had some impressive moments in her career, like playing guitar with Rod Stewart and singing with John Legend. Laura's friendly and dedicated nature comes through in every performance, adding something special to each event. 

Laura Williams Wedding Singer
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